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Epilamization agents - Wet-Stop E

(Further development of Wet-Stop)


Target of further development

Development of an epilamization agent with high efficacy and universal material compatibility, which can be used in existing technical applications without changing the process. The new epilamization agents must be in accordance to the latest intensified legal foundations of the EU.

This target has successfully been reached with very high time and effort!

Agent of Wet-Stop (up to now)

Up to now, the Wet-Stop epilamization agents contain a partially fluorinated, polymeric agent system (solid). The agent system reduces the apparent surface tension of the material surfaces applied to. The agent system contains PFOS (perfluoroctansulfonates).

With EU directive 2006/122/ECOF PFOS containing substances now are extremely limited in new technical applications, i.e. for coatings, too.

Even in such a low concentration of PFOS like in Wet-Stop, the EU limit (0.005%) is overcome by a factor of about 10.

Depending from 27.06.2008 PFOS containing substances are only allowed in already existing applications, but their production is no longer permitted.

Agents of Wet-Stop E (new)

During a comprehensive further development we have designed a Wet-Stop formulation with highest efficacy but containing no more PFOS. The new agent systems still is a partially fluorinated polymer (solid), but now free of PFOS.

Showing the same efficacy the new agent system has the additional advantage of no more needing perfluorcarbons (PFCs) as a solvent (carrier fluid). PFCs are also indexed by the EU, since they are mentioned in the list of fluorinated greenhouse gases (EU directive 842/2006). It is estimated, that their use will be prohibited in the future.

The carrier fluid system of the new Wet-Stop E is a partially fluorinated ether compound, which is not affected by the EU directive dealing with the fluorinated greenhouse gases.

The Wet-Stop E product series therefore guarantees an industrial application for another decade (according to previous procedures political and other perils excepted).

Efficacy of Wet-Stop E (new)

In all our tests the new Wet-Stop E shows a highly efficacious behaviour.

Comparison Wet-Stop E (new) and Wet-Stop (up to now)

Both products exhibit a comparable, highly efficacious, migration reducing behaviour.

Comparison Wet Stop (up to now) und Wet Stop E (new)


Miscibility of Wet-Stop E (new) and Wet-Stop (up to now)

The two products can be mixed in a volume ratio 1:1 (clear solution).

Conformity with Specifications

Wet-Stop E and Wet-Stop are conform with the quality specifications of our quality management system.

Difference (comparison of data) of Wet-Stop E (new) and Wet-Stop (up to now)

The new Wet-Stop E has a density of 1.5 g/cm³ compared to 1.7 g/cm³ of the Wet-Stop (up to now). Due to the fact that both products are applied by volume, this difference has no technical relevance. Concerning product costings the density has to be considered.

Documentation and technical information

In KW 24 a general documentation will be sent to all our customers (Powerpoint presentation).

All other additional information, test results, procedures and methods will be supplied on our epilamization website depending from KW24.

There you will find our latest insights concerning the temperature gradient dependence of wetting processes of lubricants on polymeric surfaces.

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Application specific support during the change-over from Wet-Stop to Wet-Stop E.

We assist you with all our knowledge, our several decades long application know-how and all our laboratory test methods, to clarify and answer all your questions and concerns. Please tell us your application and the materials used, so we can give to you all necessary and continuative information.

Availability of Wet-Stop E (new)

After the successful completion of all our quality release tests, Wet-Stop E can be sampled and delivered for technical applications since KW23.

Coverage of Wet-Stop (up to now)

We are only allowed to produce Wet-Stop until 27.06.2008. Our production stock then will cover a normal consumption until September 2008. After that time period Wet-Stop will no more be available.


At present we are producing Wet-Stop (up to now) at the limit of our production capacities. An increase of the production volume is not possible. Since we aim to treat all our customers in the same manner, we only can deliver the average consumption volumes needed up to now. We ask for your understanding in this matter. Wet-Stop E (new) is deliverable in any volume depending from now.


We can offer you following concentrations:

- Wet-Stop 30 E - TE1303
technical data sheet    safety data sheet

- Wet-Stop 50 E - TE1305
technical data sheet    safety data sheet

- Wet-Stop 200 E - TE1320
technical data sheet   safety data sheet

Sizes Wet-Stop E:
Container: 4,5 kg, 28,5 kg

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